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Links to friends' sites.

Site Name Description of that Website
Sean's Page Version 4.0 If you don't know this site, then you have problems...
Hoboman's Site This is Cory's infamous Hoboman Website.
Lord STARSCREAM's Domain The Website all about everyone's favorite Decepticon Aerospace Commander. Includes original Fanfic work.
Jedi Sunrider's Page Pretty self evident name...
Digismarts A Friend's site all about those little Digital Monsters.
Random Sites found while surfing
Site Name Description of that website
A1 Javascripts A website with resources, tools, and goodies for anyone who knows or uses javascript. All about everyone's favorite NASCAR Racer turned Fox-Sports Announcer.
All Your Base... A really funny site about a very poorly translated video game.
Amber-chan ni omakase! A Site featuring Anime Cels from DBZ, Tenchi, and more..
Ayenee If for some reason you like Ayenee, here's the site with the rules..
BattleTech Universe Homepage for the BTU The Official Website for 15 time NASCAR Most Popular Driver: Bill Elliott
Cheeta Chat A really neat program for Yahoo chat and a couple others. It includes color blends, custon emotes, and other cool stuff.
Decipher Card Games The Website for the company that produces such CCG's (Customizable Card Games) as the Star Wars and Star Trek CCGs. The MSN Gaming Zone. Offering multiplayer net games from Jedi Knight, to Warcraft 2, and even chess. Official website for those little Gameshark Video Game cheating Devices. Cheats for every game!
Galactic Embassy Home-page for the Galactic Embassy (GE) Role-Playing Sims. A mega site filled with levels, patches, skins, and other goodies for the Star Wars game DF2 Jedi Knight.
Napster If you have not heard of Napster by now, it is a file sharing service involving the trade of Mp3 music files.
NASCAR The Official website for the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR.
Nimrod's JK Domain An independant website with multiple hacks, patches, and skins for the Star Wars game DF2 Jedi Knight.
O'Reilly Factor Website for the O'Reilly Factor.
Radio Free Cybertron A cool weekly web radio site about Transformers. A Mega-site filled with cheats and walkthroughs for video and computer-games of all kinds.
Yahoo! Does not need any explaining. I just put it on because I use most of the services Yahoo provides.

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