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        This is yet another useless, "not-necessarily-content" sort of page. However, this is now the closest thing to actual content, but by no means can it be classified as meaningful. The Gallerium is where I deposit various images I find odd, amusing, or meaning(ful/less). Most will likely be computer related.

Popup Irony I was surfing about in search of Splashdown Lyrics when an event occured that made me just stop and stare at my computer screen for a long moment. A popup ad had been brought into focus by the website I was searching, which was no big surprise, but the fact that it was advertising anti-popup software just made me stop to consider the odd irony there. There's the obvious irony, as well as the begged question of "Why would a website which generates revenue with popups, accept advertising that, if successful, would cut into their revenue?" I'm guessing since it asks for your e-mail address, it has to be a trick of some sort. The whole thing just makes my head hurt. Naturally, I took a screenshot. (Image resolution: 800x600, Image File Size: 80Kb)

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