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The books
Book Title Author Brief Description
Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser Investigation of the Fast Food Industry, Meatpacking Industry, and other suppliers of the nations food. The book shatters the myths and illusions of the "all-American Meal."
Lies My Teacher Told Me James Loewen Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong --
The No Spin Zone Bill O'Reilly Confrontations with the powerful and famous in America -- This is Bill O'Reilly's second book. In this, he raises issues brought up in his nightly show, produces transcripts of the debates he's held with various celebrities, then takes time to further elaborate on the points made in the argument.
The O'Reilly Factor Bill O'Reilly The Good, The Bad, And the Completely Ridiculous in American Life -- The tagline to Bill O'Reilly's first book, in which he takes time to elaborate on many of the points and ideas he raises in his nightly show. He takes an extended journalistic approach as he comments on "current" events. (Circa 2000)
What's So Great About America Dinesh D'Souza In this book, various criticisms of American culture and Western society are raised, then countered.